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Your Life and Work through Your Colours and Your Hands

Ms Verner-Bonds has written eight books and produced an interactive tape and CD on colour healing, regularly gives workshops and lectures in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA and appears frequently on radio and TV -over 100 appearances in the past four years. Her corporate consulting covers both individuals and the work environment and home visits can include feng shui with colour. She also offers one-on-one teaching intensives. In her private practice as an experienced counsellor, personal growth teacher, and qualified colour therapist she gives healing treatments using chromotherapy, often on referral from the medical profession, and “absent” colour healings for those unable to see her personally. 

Lilian Verner Bonds’ psychic gift was discovered when she was four in a London bomb shelter during the war. The noise was so loud it was impossible to talk, but while holding a grownup’s hand for comfort, she realised that she could find out all she needed to know about the stranger without asking. Later, she learned from press cuttings that she had inherited this gift from both sides of her family. Her mother’s grandmother had been a famous clairvoyant, said to have counselled the Royal Family, and she herself had seen her father, a dynamic Scotsman, using his gift of healing hands to clear conditions doctors had abandoned.

As she was dyslexic, school was difficult. Showing a talent, she went into acting and dancing at an early age. By 14 she was at theatre school, at 17 performing at the London Palladium Theatre. Like her later successor Catherine Zeta- Jones, Lilian was also National Dancing Champion. The Royal Academy of Arts also recognised her talent awarding her the National Championship for mime. A long career in stage, screen, TV and radio followed, including stage tours, films such as The Captain’s Table and A King in New York (Charlie Chaplin’s last film), regular TV appearances on The Two Ronnies and in radio, most memorably on Hancock’s Half Hour and Life With The Lyons. She also qualified as a modern dance teacher and pursued yoga and the special balance movement studies she still uses in her healing practice today.

While busy in this career, she kept up with her psychic gift, working 15 years with a training group, and was in constant demand for counselling from friends and colleagues. Finally in 1984 she gave up acting to pursue her own personal quest. She studied many areas of healing, including The Chinese Five Elements, Shiatsu and counselling with a speciality in marriage guidance. More recently she has written a successful step-by-step book on her natural gift of palmistry incorporating coloured lines, the only palmist to do this, which she also uses as a diagnostic tool. 

Helping and Healing through Colour
Her view is that colour is all around us, it belongs to us, is absolutely free and can improve our lives immediately once we understand how it works and how to use it. Lasers, which have revolutionised modern medicine, are only one example of the exceptional healing possibilities of light.

After qualifying as a colour therapist, the colour psychology aspect developed with chromotherapy, which introduces coloured light into the organism to promote healing. Referrals come from the medical profession for her healing skills in major physical and mental disorders.


Ms Verner Bonds has worked on projects ranging from a Fulham Council OAP programme to the Spirit of Peace Millennium Coach, resulting in a private audience with the Pope. She is colour consultant to the Daily Express Group and other clients vary from computer firms to health professionals and students in all walks of life. She has lectured for the Institute for Complementary Medicine and at the Royal Free Hospital, appeared on Channel 5’s Housebusters series, GMTV’s Lorraine Live - Colour for Health and Home, BBC2’s Des Res series, BBC2’s Looking Good, Feeling Good - Colour for Sex and Relationships, Sky 1 - Colour for Health and Character, Granada - Palmistry for Health, GMTV D2 - Healthy Body, Healthy Mind, Sky TV’s Mystic Challenge, and NBC TV’s To Tell the Truth in the USA. She has taught colour, palmistry and psychic/spiritual work at groups, local colleges, and universities. In 2000, she was the featured speaker on the Mediterranean Sealand Mind, Body, & Spirit Cruise, giving lectures, workshops, and private readings.

Courses Taught:
Colour and Counselling / Colour Healing / Colour Yourself Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise/ Colour Art Therapy/ Colour and Relationships / Healing Colour and Hands-on Techniques/ Colour in Your Life / Palmistry: Hands, Health and Psyche / Exploring Your Own Psychic Power: Psychic Development Training / Spiritual Breakthrough – Fulfilling your destiny /A day of Personal Psychic Guidance with Lilian Verner-Bonds

Professional Memberships/Associations:
Member, Commons Parliamentary Group for Alternative and Complementary Medicine 
President, International Association for 
Colour Therapy 
British Doctor / Healer Network
Institute for Complementary Medicine 
National Federation of Spiritual Healers 
Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance
Equity: Honorary Member

Readings/Consultations/Private Teaching 

Private Readings: Initially a Colour Relate reading, enabling Ms Verner Bonds to assess the state of the individual’s being - physical, mental and emotional. This reveals patterns of past, present and future and why the client may not be getting what he or she wants from life. Colour counselling using the psychology of colour can then be used to recommend solutions to restore balance.
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New Colour Healing: A practical guide to understanding the healing power of colour, Random House/Vermillion £8.99 + £2.30 p&p
The Complete Book of Colour Healing, Godsfield £ 16.99 + £2.80 p&p 
New Cosmic Crystals with Dr Ron Bonewitz, HarperCollins £12.99+ £2.80 p&p
The Book of Fortunes: Barrons £12.99 + £1.50 p&p
The Healing Rainbow: (Audiotape) £10.00+ £1.50 p&p
(CD) £12.99 + £1.50 p&p
Colour Healing (CD) Music by Llewellen for Mind, Body and Soul Series £12.99 + £1.50 p&p
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Tel/Fax 0208 349 3299

To order copies in the UK: Please add appropriate sum for postage and packing per item and send cheque or postal order payable to Lilan Verner-Bonds. Address to: The Colour-Bonds Association, 77 Holders Hill Drive, Hendon, London NW4 1 NN, U.K  
Outside the UK: As above. But please add £5.00 shipping charges and ensure payment is in Pounds Sterling. 

The Colour Bonds Association
Lilian Verner Bonds PMIACT
Tel. + Fax: 0208 3493299
77 Holders Hill Drive
Hendon, London NW4 1NN
England, UK 

Responses to Lilian Verner Bonds’ work - 

[Through my colours] she told me why I make the same mistakes in life over and over again. It was very enlightening and uncannily correct. 
Hazel Courteney, Daily Mail

Science does seem to be coming round to her way…thinking that we need within our systems a balance of the colours of the rainbow. 
Nicole Lampert, Times Newspaper Group

Colour clearly transforms a room, but it can also affect our behaviour…Step forward Lilian Verner Bonds. She gives room by room advice on how to match hues to our needs and moods. 
Shireen Jilla, Evening Standard

It is clear that Lilian has prodigious talents as a counsellor and therapist.
Jane Warren, Daily Express

A counsellor as well as a medium, Lilian pinpoints areas in your life that are in need of change. Sometimes unnervingly she passes on messages from deceased relatives in the middle of a reading!
Jane Cameron, Marie Claire

Thank you so much for the course. For one thing, I have chucked out of the window my recurring plans to commit suicide. Secondly, I felt exhilaratedly happy for the first time in many years - large doors opened for me. I am immensely grateful.
Workshop Participant, The Hague, Holland


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