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Note: All Palmistry, Psychic Readings, Spirit Readings, Counselling, and Healing can be varied to suit the client's requirements. 

Overall Reading:


First Part Hands This reading consists of a personal examination of both palms. One hand gives the past and the potential you are born with; the other gives information as to where the: client is situated today, and indications of what may be coming in for the future. Part Two: Colours are then introduced into the reading. The specific line-up of colours the client chooses gives information about karma - what the client came into this life to achieve, linking the purpose of the events in the client's life, and up-to.-date information of present situations in everyday life- An insight of up to 7 years and further into the future will be included.     Cost: £ 45 cash, £ 47 cheque

Future Focus - a year in-depth plus five years:


This reading uses 4 packs of cards as well as colour and palms, and is designed for people who need an in-depth focus right now in their life. It covers month by month for up to one year ahead. Many choose such a guide in order to prepare themselves for any opportunities, future events, or adversities that may be indicated.     Cost: £ 45 cash, £ 47 cheque

III POSTAL READINGS - One Hour or a Half-Hour.

A reading done for clients who cannot get to see Lilian personally. Any information that she receives psychically is recorded onto a tape that is forwarded to the client. Clients may ask Lilian to look at certain aspects for them, which she will do; but generally they will receive indications of the year ahead, coupled with insight for the future - usually 5/10 years. Send cheque plus areas you would like Lilian to focus on-.

One Hour - Cost UK: £ 45 cheque/postal order - plus £2.50 UK p&p   Abroad: £ 50 Sterling cheque

Half-Hour - Cost UK: £ 30 cheque/postal order - plus £2.50 UK p&p   Abroad: £ 35 Sterling cheque - covers as above


An initial call is required to set a time for the consultation. Normally an established client can be accommodated within 48 hours. New clients will be requested to send a cheque prior to the date set for the consultation unless otherwise arranged.

Cost - UK: £ 45 cheque/postal order. Abroad: £ 55 sterling cheque. Payment is required in advance.


For those questions requiring immediate yes or no answers- These can be face-to-face, taped, or telephone consultations. Both readings include a situation assessment. 

1 Question - 1/4 hour consultation £25
2 Questions - 1/2 hour consultation £45

VI COLOUR HOUSE CALLS - At Home or Workplace

As seen on the TV show 'Housebusters': Lilian visits your home or workplace to assess it using colour to maximize health and well-being for yourself and your family or colleagues. Fee:  £200 first hour, £ 50 per hour thereafter, plus traveling expenses.

VII PRIVATE TEACHING - Palmistry 7 Colour Healing, Psychic Development Intensive personal training is available in any of these subjects.

Fee: £ 50 per hour; Full Day 6 hrs 10 - 5 £250; Additional days by arrangement


Rebirthing: 1½ / 2 hours £65 per session complete; Regression 1½ hours  £55 per session complete

Energy Coloured Body Work 1 hour £45 per hour 

Specialized Colour-Zone Therapy treatments 1st Session l hour £50 and subsequent treatments ½hr £30 

Absent Colour Healing (private specific) £20

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